Mother and Child (deluge)
Oil and acrylic on canvas, 70"h x 62"w, 2017
Big Bang (the beginning and end), acrylic and mixed media on muslin, 66"h x 70"w, 2017
Quest (the memory of)
Oil, acrylic, fabric, paper mache on muslin, 84"h x 65"w, 2017
Map (a retracing)
Oil, acrylic, sawdust, yarn, and fabric on canvas, 80"h x 108"w, 2017
Trio of Blankets (3 countenances)
Hand-stitched fabric, overall dimensions variable, upper left 16" x 22", upper right 17" x 24", bottom 20" x 17", 2017
Untitled (notes for future choreography)
Oil and acrylic on canvas, acrylic, oil, and pen on wooden blocks, 48" x 63", 2018